Staffing Services

IT Recruitment:

IT Recruitment has become challenging for many companies in India and Africa, the challenge starts before the project starts. All we need is resources, Obtenir solutions help you to find the right resources at the right time and will be a part of your success story. By hiring the right workforce quickly and efficiently, clients can mitigate potential project delays and avoid unnecessary costs.

Obtenir Solutions is the best to provide resources across India and Africa for many reasons, some of the reasons are mentioned below,

  • Expertise recruiter to handle your recruitment
  • Well scrutinized CV to save your time
  • We ensure the resource serves you for the long term
  • Our Database of IT resources across India & Africa helps us to close the requirements within the given time. Having access to all the job portals will make us stand on the SLA’s
  • Transparent process and SPOC helps to understand client requirements and serve you the best.

Contact: or call us at +91- 9052659595 for More information